Team Leaders

Team Leaders attending Super Summer are assigned to schools where they serve as small group leaders for the students. Super Summer requires 1 Team Leader per 7 Students. It is the responsibility of the church to recruit qualified Team Leaders. Please recruit trustworthy leaders from your church, neighboring churches, or local universities.

Team Leader Qualifications

Must be an emotionally and spiritually mature person and have an unquestionable Christian dedication and character.

Needs to be able to lead a small group in discussion, application and prayer, based on teaching sessions.

Required to attend Team Leader Training, beginning the Saturday prior to each session, and remain on campus until the end of the week.

Must have graduated from high school in 2022, or before, and be no younger than 19 years of age.

Must attend all training sessions and fulfill all Super Summer responsibilities assigned to them.

Needs to have a positive, happy, motivated personality, with an ability to relate well to others.

May be single, married, a college student, church staff member or a layperson.

Must be an active member of a Texas Baptists Church and adhere to the beliefs of Texas Baptists.

Must observe all of the rules of Super Summer.

Must submit three recommendations, a background check questionnaire, and complete MinistrySafe Sexual Abuse Awareness Training.

Team Leaders live and eat with students and are on duty virtually twenty-four hours a day. Team Leaders are expected to be able to meet the variety of needs of the students at all times. Contact our office about serving in another role if you have any concerns about your ability to meet the needs of the students.

Executive Staff

The Executive Staff is made up of the Administrative Staff, Support Staff, and School Staff.

Administrative Staff

Teaches and equips the Support Staff and School Staff to carry out their roles.

  • Assistant Director - Provides leadership under the direction of the Super Summer Director. This role is responsible for the entire session as a whole.
  • School Coordinator - Assists School Staff to care for Team Leaders and Students.
  • B.E. Team Director - Leads B.E. Team to facilitate and run team building activities during recreation.
  • Merchandise Director - Leads the Merchandise team to sell snacks and merchandise during meals and break times.

Support Staff

  • Team Builders- Team Builders help facilitate and run Team Building activities during recreation.
  • Merchandise Staff - Merchandise Staff sells snacks and merchandise during meals and break times.
  • Security Staff - Security Staff keeps the camp safe during the week.
  • Medical Staff - Medical Staff helps with medical needs of students and adults while on campus. Medical certification is required.
  • Office Staff - Office staff helps the Super Summer Staff with administrative tasks during the week.
  • Media Staff - Captures video and images of the week.
  • Truck Driver - Drives a rental truck full of supplies to and from the sessions of Super Summer.

School Staff

  • Dean – The Dean is the primary leader/teacher of the school.
  • Assistant Dean – The Assistant Dean teaches in the school and works with the Team Building Director to schedule team building activities for the school.
  • Team Leader Coordinator – The Team Leader Coordinator provides care for the Team Leaders and Students.
  • School Music/Worship Leader – The School Music/Worship Leader is the worship leader for the school.

Missionary Volunteer Program

Super Summer is a teaching ministry hidden in a camp. We support churches by teaching students to know and share the gospel. Super Summer MVP is designed for college-age students who are, or might be, called to ministry. The program allows those who are passionate about equipping students with the gospel to join with the Super Summer staff and other volunteers from across Texas to prepare for and serve at the sessions of Super Summer.

Contact for application details.


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