History and Vision

Super Summer of Texas began in 1974 as a training opportunity for Christian young people who were interested in advancing their personal spiritual growth and wanted to know more about how to share Christ with others. God impressed Dr. George Worrell to begin training young people through the Super Summer program. Originally begun as a cooperative effort for several churches in Texas, groups met for school sessions in Dallas area church buildings. Students were housed in the homes of volunteer church members and bused to their school locations each day. They met in their separate locations for schools until evening, when they were transported to a central location for an evening worship service, which came to be known as Rainbow Celebration.

Since that early beginning, interest in Super Summer has grown. The Evangelism Division of the Baptist General Convention of Texas undertook the challenge of meeting the changing needs and demands for this exciting but disciplined week of training. Super Summer was moved to the Baylor University campus where all students could stay in the dorms, participate in recreational activities together and join again each evening for Rainbow Celebration.

Under the direction of Gil Strickland, during his tenure as Youth Evangelism Associate at the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Super Summer continued to experience an exciting growth. As Strickland once observed, “There is difficulty in putting summer sounds and spiritual insights on paper with ink. How do you show the convicting certainty of the Holy Spirit, yielding of a stubborn individual young person’s will, blossoming of a new friendship, mastering of material that prepares you to witness to a school peer and discover God’s will for you, plus laughter, tears, deep thoughts, pain, questioning, love and other important intangibles? You cannot.” Super Summer includes all these things.

Super Summer is now hosted by other Texas Baptist University campuses, offering a choice of locations for youth groups from Texas and neighboring states. God has continued to bless the convicting dedication of youth leaders who desire to see Super Summer persevere toward the goal of training leadership-quality Christian young people to maximize their potential for the glory of God and the growth of His kingdom. The success of Super Summer has been measured not only by the 130,000 plus young people who have attended over the years, but by their faithfulness in taking their deeper understanding of the gospel home and sharing it with their community. Super Summer is not just another camp, but a week of structured and focused gospel training—a week which is also a lot of fun.

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